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The Staff Coordinator is responsible for coordinating all activities and required data pertaining to staff as well as, creating, and maintaining schedules. This role serves as a primary contact for day to day changes and staff needs; ensuring proper staff onboarding, record keeping and record maintenance. Creates a positive experience for staff and ensures compliance.


General Duties and Responsibilities
  • Follow, promotes and enforce the organizations mission, vision, goals, objectives policies and procedures of Royalty and any associated governing agency.
  • Complies with local, state and federal standards, laws and regulations in order to maintain personal and agency license and certifications.
Promotes and maintains an Agency environment that is in compliance with federal, state, and local regulatory agencies.
  • Assure that standards of ethical business and clinical practice are maintained.
Maintains responsible use of company resources using supplies and equipment effectively and efficiently.
Seeks and obtains sufficient information necessary to function effectively in the health care setting where assigned.
Serve as team lead for scheduling clinical caregiving operations
Maintains confidentiality of information relating to staff and discuss only those aspects necessary or directly affecting the patient’s care
Maintains confidentiality of information relating to clients and discuss only those aspects necessary to care and treatment of patient with those directly involved in the patient’s care
  • Initiate and participate in collaborative meetings
Maintains consistent lines of authority and responsibility.
Ensure compliance with staff records
Initiate, facilitate and participate in performance evaluations
Assist with staff onboarding and training
Assist with staff updates, mailings, and correspondences
Assist with Recruiting activities

Specific Responsibilities & Duties
Scheduling & Administrative Duties
  • May assist in facilitating appropriate admission, supervision and provision of service to clients; and discharge as assigned.
Creates and maintains schedules in accordance with collective agreement requirements and departmental policies.
Provides staffing for leaves or other absences.
Schedules client appointments/visits according to care plans, client requests and staff availability.
Enters scheduling data, creates schedules.
Contacts care providers and clients regarding day-to-day changes.
Communicates with and informs client/family regarding services.
Assist with maintaining client and staff database (e.g., profile updates, notes, pertinent information).
Assist with maintaining client and staff statistics and reports.
Maintains call-in/call-out list; and special work groups.
Ensures seniority lists are up-to-date.
Assist with suggesting and scheduling education sessions for staff.
Communicates shift availability with staff via email, text and telephone; utilizes database features.
Ensures field staff are accounted for at each visit.
Provides occasional guidance and support to the primary function of others including training.
Provides functional guidance and support to staff and managers on collective agreements, scheduling processes and computerized scheduling programs.
Identifies errors and makes corrections
Performs services within the limits of preparation and experience.
Completes required electronic documentation for all encounters.
Performs general office duties and support admin staff; fill in during absences; assist with reception duties.
Assist with maintain employee supply needs
Completes any other tasks as assigned by Director.

Skills & Qualifications

Required Qualifications
  • High School Diploma or GED
  • 5 -7 years CNA experience
Fully vaccinated against COVID-19
Possesses health clearance including a negative TB skin test and/or CXR and other tests as required by the organization's policy.
Possesses and maintains current CPR certification.
  • Valid Driver’s License
Have own reliable transportation and have valid motor vehicle insurance.
Must Pass an initial and random drug testing
  • Must pass a criminal background check and drug screening
Preferred Qualifications, Skills & Abilities
  • Certified Nursing Assistant with Active NC Listing
  • 3-5 years home care experience
  1. Knowledge of home care requirements to assure compliance with Federal and state regulatory agencies.
  2. Home Visiting Experience
  3. Electronic Medical Record Knowledge
  4. Experience teaching or presenting to groups
  5. Intermediate computer skills
  6. Interpersonal skills
  7. Organizational skills
  8. Communication skills
  9. Ability to work independently
  10. Basic medical terminology
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